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In order that your photo can be chosen for posting on the page, you must provide the following information

  1. Place, City, Country;

  2. Geographic coordinates of the shooting location.

Do you need any help to find the shooting coordinates?

  • Go on Google Map;

  • Click with the right mouse button on the place from where you took;

  • Chose the key “what is here?”
  • In the center of the page, precisely in the lower part, the coordinates will appear like this: "41.890234, 12.492220" (for example).

Now you are ready to send us your shoots!

Send us your photos to this e-mail:


  1. Focal length;

  2. Aperture;

  3. Exposure time;

  4. ISO;

  5. Identification of the exact shooting location, description of the exact point from where the photo was taken and how to get it;

  6. Short description of the photo;

  7. Other.



The fondness for the journeys and the photography are the main themes of this web site.

How many times have you organized a journey and you asked yourself “What are beautiful locations to see in that city?  Which places should I visit?”

How many times have you asked yourself “This weekend I will go to a beautiful place and I will take a lot of picture, but where will I go?”

How many times you watch amazing photos took in places near you and you ask yourself “How did they took this picture? Where did they go to catch this framing?”

If you, like me, lost a lot of time on the web searching the best inspiration to take pictures for your next travel, studying the technical data shoots and finally you didn’t find anything about this, you could find the answers on  at last!

Share your best shoots and you could be inspiration for other traveler!



  • The official channel of “Guardailmioviaggio” (Lookatmyjourney) are only:

    • 1- Facebook page: @guardailmioviaggio;

    • 2- Instagram page: #guardailmioviaggio; 

    • 3- Twitter page: @Lookatmyjourney;

    • 4- Flickr page: @guardailmioviaggio.

  • The photos can be send to “guarda il mio viaggio” exclusively by email at;

  • No material sent by users not registered on the page “Guardailmioviaggio” (on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) will be taken in consideration;

  • The photos published will be chosen only on the judge of the page “Guardailmioviaggio”;

  • The photos must be related to the theme of the page “Guardailmioviaggio”;

  • If you send us your photo you authorize us to publish them on our official channels;

  • The photo published will be accompanied by the name+surname of the owner of the photo. Material sent anonymously will not be accepted;

  • If you send your photo to “Guardailmioviaggio” you declare to be the owner or to have the rights of ownership and diffusion;

  • If you send your photo to “Guardailmioviaggio” you remain the owner of the same and the only one to have the property rights. We will never give your photos to third parties;

  • No material sent to “Guardailmioviaggio” will be accepted without the completeness of the minimum data requested;

  • “Guardailmioviaggio” isn’t responsible for any improper use which could be done by third parties of the contents published on its own channels;

  • “Guardailmioviaggio” isn’t responsible in any way for the contents expressed by the photos published in its own channels;

  • The full acceptance of the regulation is signed by each user, during registration on the page “Guardailmioviaggio”;

  • The regulation is subject to change at the sole discretion of “Guardailmioviaggio”.


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